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Assignment editing service

Writing an assignment is no easy task, so after completing it, it’s always recommended to have a professional proofread it. With assignment proofreading, you give yourself a competitive edge over others and give your assignment a more presentable look.

Assignment editing with London Proofreaders

London Proofreaders was founded in 2013. So with over a decade in the business, our aim has always been to provide the highest quality proofreading services in London.

What you can expect from us

We offer a combined proofreading and editing service at one price. With our assignment proofreading and editing, we will:

  • Fix the errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and verb tense
  • Check to ensure the appropriate choice of words, style, and tone
  • Polish the sentence structure
  • Ensure consistency of capitalisation
  • Correct usage of UK English or US English
  • Send back the document with the “track changes” feature in Word so that you can review and approve every edit we make

Assignment proofreader

We use two proofreaders

On every document, we use two native UK English speakers to proofread it, and we are the only company in the UK to offer this unique service.

All our proofreaders have extensive experience editing all types of documents. Each of them has at least a Master’s degree from a UK/US university (some have a PhD) and at least two years of experience proofreading and editing assignments.

100% secure and confidential

Documents are only uploaded to our system, not the entire internet, and are deleted when returned to clients. Please see our privacy policy here: https://londonproofreaders.co.uk/privacy/.

Reasonable prices

We charge £13 per 1,000 words.

Below are some price guidelines for our proofreading service for assignments of various lengths.

3,000 words – £39 (2 working days return time, excluding weekends)

2,000 words – £26 (2 working days return time, excluding weekends)

1,000 words – £13  (2 working days return time, excluding weekends)

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100% Confidential


We take confidentiality seriously, read our privacy policy to find out how we keep your document safe and secure.

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