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PhD thesis formatting service

Dissertation/thesis formatting service

Do you need a formatting and layout service for your PhD? Look no further! The expert editors at London Proofreaders will format your document to ensure that it is consistent and is easy to navigate.

What our document formatting service covers:

  • Format headings to create a table of contents
  • Format captions to create a list of figures
  • Format captions to create a table of tables
  • Ensure page numbering is correct – roman numerals and arabic numerals

Please note that if you need ANY other services such as merging several documents in to one, a different price will apply.

How much does our document formatting service cost?
It will cost £4 per 1000 words.

Please note that our layout service does not cover the internal formatting of image/figure contents or the arrangement of figures, images or tables.

We are not responsible for improperly tabulated tables or the internal contents images, and it’s important that your tables and figures when your draft is submitted are sized to fit on the page when the margins are set to your requirements. We will ensure, that the final draft you receive is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it’s ready or refund your payment.

How to order:

Please fill in the contact form here to make an order and select the “document formatting” button.

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