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How to become a UK proofreader

How to become a proofreader in the UK

Want to become a proofreader but don’t know how? We are a leading proofreading company with a wealth of experience when it comes to selecting and hiring proofreaders. What are the things agencies like us look for?

Well, in our new online course we tell you everything you need to know to become a proofreader…whether it’s for academic proofreading companies, publishers, novelists or business, our course reveals all you require to get started.

Our online course answers dozens of questions we receive on a regular basis from prospective proofreaders.

The course is the only one of its kind currently in the UK. It is NOT a “how to do proofreading course” it is a comprehensive grounding in “how to become a proofreader“.

The course will consist of:

  • hours of videos,
  • a pdf ebook
  • worksheets

Launching end of July 2018

The course will detail how you can become a proofreader in the UK. It goes beyond the “what proofreading course you need to take” and looks at:

Section 1: The personality, qualifications, experience and skills you need 

  • Personality
  • Qualifications
  • The approach if you don’t have any qualifications
  • Free proofreading courses: Worth it?
  • UK proofreading courses: The best ones to take
  • Experience and skills
  • Jobs with transferable skills
  • How to get experience if you don’t have any?
  • How to prove this experience?
  • Tools and technology


Section 2: The proofreading market: An overview 

  • Differing definitions of ‘proofreading
  • Academic documents
  • General versus specialist academic proofreading
  • Business/corporate documents
  • Novels
  • Publishers


Section 3: Working for an agency vs. getting your own work 

  • Price-accepter versus price-setter

Section 4: How to find work 

Through a company

  • Finding work with academic proofreading companies
  • Finding work with publishers

On your own

  • Finding your own academic proofreading clients
  • Finding your own business proofreading clients
  • Finding your own self-publishing author clients


Section 5: The life of a proofreader 

  • Working part-time versus full-time as a proofreader: pros and cons
  • Feast versus famine: Seasonality of the work
  • How much you can earn
  • How many hours you will work
  • Types of documents: PDF and Word

Section 6: How to make yourself more marketable 

  • What additional skills you should develop to stand out in the competitive proofreading market


The course is based on years of experience of hiring and managing proofreaders from all over the world.

To register your interest and receive 5% off the course

Email: info@londonproofreaders.co.uk with “become a proofreader course” in the subject.

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