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Student Proofreading

Student proofreading services

Here you can find more information about proofreading for students whether you are a bachelor’s or master’s student. London Proofreaders is a fast-growing online proofreading and editing company. We have helped over 10,000 students from over 60 countries improve their academic writing and get the mark they truly deserve! We are rate ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot – see our reviews here.

 Use a professional proofreader and editor

Types of documents we proofread:

Our student proofreading

Having worked with thousands of students, we know what students require when it comes to improving their academic writing, that is why we combine proofreading and editing in the price you pay.

Our student proofreading service checks:

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • phrasing
  • word choice
  • ensures the thesis or dissertation has a proper academic tone

Additionally we will give you:

  • Detailed comments on confusing sections
  • Advice on choice of words
  • Basic sentence rewriting when the sentence is unclear (not entire paragraphs)

We use Microsoft Word’s track changes feature to mark the changes and we add helpful comments when something is missing or needs to be clarified.

What really sets us apart is your document is checked by two proofreaders.

I submit my dissertation today. Thank you so much for your work, I’m really pleased with it. I recommended your service to one of my classmates and I believe she will contact you soon. Thank you again 🙂 Keyi Q. Student in Glasgow

How student proofreading could improve your marks

In the case of essays, dissertations and theses, up to 10% of marks are given for spelling and grammar. Rather than let those marks go to waste, trust our professional proofreaders to improve your work.

Our student proofreading service is commonly used by ESL (English as a Second Language) customers who need more in-depth help with their writing.

Proofreading sample

Click the image below to see how proofreading improves your document if you are a student:

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Our UK proofreaders – 100% compliant with university policies

Our team consists of professional, native UK English proofreaders with a minimum of a Master’s degree. All our proofreaders are carefully vetted and undertake stringent training to ensure they are fully versed with academic editing standards. The majority of our team has been with our company for over three years.

Why choose our student proofreading service?

  • Two proofreaders check your work
  • We add helpful comments
  • We have helped over 5,000 foreign students in 50+ countries
  • Friendly customer service
  • Competitive return times
  • Fast, secure and affordable prices
  • 100% compliant with university policies

Our prices

Here are examples of prices for common types of student document.

2,000 word essay = £25

3,000 word essay = £36

5,000 word essay = £60

10,000 word dissertation = £120

To get an accurate price, click on ‘order now’ below:

How long will proofreading take? Return times

0 至 2,000 字2,001 至 5,000 字5 001 至 10 000 字10,001至15,000字15 001 至 20 000 字20,001 plus words
2 days2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days
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