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Proofreading services prices

Our proofreading service prices

What are our proofreading services prices? We often get asked how much we charge per page or 1,000 words. At London Proofreaders we charge per 1,000 words (which is really per word, if you think about it). We don’t charge per hour as we find it makes things easier for everyone.

Proofreading and editing price per 1,000 words

We have one simple price for all student/academic/PhD documents.

  • Proofreading price –  £13 per 1,000 words – £0.013 per word. 

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Our proofreading prices are highly competitive and we don’t charge VAT.

Please note: Minimum charge – documents of under 1,000 words will be charged at a flat rate of £13

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0 至 2,000 字2,001 至 5,000 字5 001 至 10 000 字10,001至15,000字15 001 至 20 000 字20,001至50,000字
3 个工作日3 个工作日3 个工作日5 个工作日5 个工作日5-8 个工作日

*working days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and exclude Saturday and Sunday. If you need a document back more quickly we also offer a fast proofreading service – see more here: express proofreading

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