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24 hour proofreading service

24 hour proofreading service

Do you need your thesis, dissertation, essay or business document proofread on a short turn around? We can help you. We are able to proofread documents of up to 20,000 words as part of our 24 hour proofreading service. This express service checks from grammar, spelling and punctuation like our normal service, but it costs slightly more due it being a short turn around. We run the fastest 24 hour proofreading service in the UK and have competitive rates.

We still maintain the same high quality service that we do with our normal turn around.

Click on the “order now” button below and mention “24 hour proofreading” and the number of words in your message.

We understand that you need a high quality service on a short turn around time and this is why we offer this fantastic service.

How does the 24 hour proofreading service work? 

You contact us using the contact form, we reply to you with a quote. Once you receive the quote you make payment and send us the document. We return this document to you 24 hours later with all changes made using “track changes” in Microsoft Word.

What do we check for?

As per our normal service we check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, tone and style and word choice.

✔ Grammar

✔ Spelling

✔ 标点符号

✔ 资本化

✔ 句子结构

✔ 选词

✔ Academic style

✔ 动词时态

✔ Consistency of headings, tables and abbreviations

✔ 正确使用英国英语

How much does the 24 hour proofreading cost?

This service is priced depending on the word count:

0-5000 words – £0.018 per word – £18 per 1000 words
5001-10,000 words – £0.019 per word – £19 per 1000 words
10,000-20,000 – £0.02 per word – £20 per 1000 words

The 24 hour express proofreading and editing service is all done online so you can simply fill in the form, get a price and then email your document.

Note: The 24 hours starts from the time the payment and document are received.

Click on the “order now” button below and mention “24 hour proofreading” in your message.

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