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How to Add Harvard Referencing to Microsoft Word

How To Add Harvard Referencing Style To Word

If you use Microsoft Word’s (2007, 2011, 2013) build in reference manager you will see that not all modern reference styles like Harvard and Vancouver referencing are present. The Harvard referencing style is not included by default in Word, which means you need to add it yourself.

But how exactly do you add Harvard referencing style to Word? Don’t stress, in this post the experts at London Proofreaders tell you how to add Harvard referencing to the various versions of Microsoft Word including 2007, 2010, 2015.

The process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, even for those people who are technophobes and find it hard to unzip a folder!

Step One

Visit here . On the page that opens, on the top right hand corner click the “download archive” button to download the “styles.zip” file.

Step Two
Unzip the files from the styles.zip to your desktop, you now see multiple files in the folder (these are the reference styles). You will need to copy the Harvard file, so scroll down in the folder, find it and right click and select ‘copy’.
*Next, please close Microsoft Word completely before continuing, that means all open documents.

Step three
Next we need to paste the Harvard reference style file from the unzipped zip file on your desktop to the Style folder in Word. To do this first you need to find the Style folder. It is quite easy, go to your file explorer or your computer to find the C: drive, then Microsoft Office then the Style folder.

Office 2007 on Windows 32bit:
Your Computer→ Disk C → Program Files → Microsoft Office → Office12 → Bibliography → Style

Office 2007 on Windows 64bit:
Your Computer→ Disk C → Program Files (x86) → Microsoft Office → Office12 → Bibliography → Style

Office 2010 on Windows 32bit:
Your Computer → Disk C → Program Files → Microsoft Office → Office14 → Bibliography → Style

Office 2010 on Windows 64bit:
Your Computer → Disk C → Program Files (x86) → Microsoft Office → Office14 → Bibliography → Style

Office 2015:
Your Computer → Disk C: → Program Files x86→ Microsoft Office → Office 12 → Bibliography → Style

Office 2016 – it is not possible to add Harvard referencing to Word 2016

Troubleshooting: Help it doesn’t work!

If you don’t have any luck with the above then try the following:
1) Open a Word document
2) Go to the Reference>Manage Sources then click the Browse button
3) Copy the address of the dialog bar that opens from address bar (open Source List dialog box)
4) Open the copied folder in a separate folder and paste the styles there.

Instructions for Microsoft Word on Mac OS
1. Download reference styles (BibWord) – First we need to download the reference styles from BibWord. Download the styles.zip from their website. See “step one” at the top of the page.
2. Extract files from zip – Unzip the files from the styles.zip, you now see multiple files in the folder (these are the reference styles).
3. Install the reference styles – Please close Microsoft word completely before continuing.
4. Go to the microsoft word folder in Finder – In Finder: Applications → Microsoft office 2011 → Microsoft Word
5. Show Package Contents – Right click on Microsoft Word and click Show Package content
6. Copy reference styles from zip – Copy the reference styles from the unzipped zip file to Content → Resources → Style

Office 2008 (Mac OS X):
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Word.app/Contents/Resources/Style/
(To do this on the right or Ctrl + Click the application icon and click “Show Package Contents”)

Step Four
Restart Microsoft Word, and you should have the Harvard referencing style appear as an option. To check this open Word and navigate to “References” and use the “Style” drop down menu to select the style you want. See the image below:

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