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Transcription service London

Transcription services

Are you looking for a transcription service in London? Do you need your interviews transcribed professionally and quickly? We offer academic interview transcription services and we also work with the legal and medical fields. Please note that we do not charge VAT.

We provide timestamping as part of the service. This is done at 5 minute intervals but can be changed to suit your requirements.

Please get in touch with details of your project, please include:

1)Duration of audio (minutes)

2)Number of speakers

3)Turnaround time

Our rates start at £0.90 per minute for basic transcription and £1 per minute for more complex audio, including accents and multiple speakers.

There are two levels we offer:

Verbatim – this is when conversation is entered directly as it is spoken. So for example “erm”, “hmm”, “well” and other interjections will be written to reflect the flow of the conversation as accurately as possible.

Intelligent verbatim – this is what most people come to expect from a transcription service. The transcribers will remove hesitations and interjections as mentioned above, leaving you with a free flowing transcript that does not change the flow of the original but reads that much better.

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